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About Us


We came from Illinois to Kentucky in 1990, with three young children, not really having any idea about what we were going to do. We had decided that this was a good place to raise our kids and so we bought this 56 acre farm. We raised tobacco for several years, and had some pigs, then cows, during this time. I never really liked the pigs, it was hard to keep them fenced in. Luckily we didn't have them long. I loved the calves, but the cows were so big and hard to handle, and didn't seem to have much personality. Everytime it was time to handle them, it seemed like you were in a rodeo. We all had alot of bashes and bruises from them. Our oldest daughter, Heather, even got a sprained ankle once.

We also had chickens while the kids were growing up. Heather took care of them and the eggs. Our youngest daughter, Danyel, raised rabbits, which were quite adorable. Our son, Adam, helped with the cattle alot, had his own cow and raised a bull from a baby. The only problem with his bull was, he petted it so much as a baby, that it still wanted it's head rubbed after it got grown! That got to be a problem. All three kids worked in the tobacco while growing up. Then of course the inevitable happened, and the kids suddenly grew up. Seemed to happen overnight, so it got to be just the two of us. We kept on raising tobacco through 2005, then in 2006 decided we wanted to change what we were doing.
A friend of ours had a few Percentage does, and he had cattle to take care of, and decided he didn't want to fool with the few Boer Goats. He kept talking to Danny about them, telling him I would really like to raise Boer Goats, once we got started. Well, he was right. We got his seven does, never had even been anywhere near one before, and the rest is history. Started to convert the tobacco barn into a goat barn, little by little. Started with one section, and a small fenced in area. That was in February 2006. The end of March we bought 11 Fullblood Boer Does and two Fullblood Boer Bucks, and we've built our herd from there. We ran water to the barn and shed, with a hydrant at each, and two waterers in the fields. This was one of the most helpful projects we've done. When we just had the few goats, hauling water wasn't to bad. But it later became quite a time consuming chore.

Our first born was a percentage boy on August 26th, 2006. I learned alot then, because he ended up being my first bottle baby. His name is J.C. and he's #1. Even his eartag says so! He's named after our oldest daughter's husband, Jeff. Danny had kidded him saying our first born boy would be named after him, and so he was. I tell J.C. he'll be here for his whole life, he knows he's special. I call him the farm mascot. Danny calls him a nuisance, but he loves him too.






The kids all wish we could have discovered Boer Goats long ago, instead of the tobacco. They all three love the goats, especially at kidding time. Heather has taken hundreds of pictures of them. She brings her "goat clothes" for visiting the barn when she comes, and all three of our grown "kids" love to pet on all the new goat kids. Everytime a new kid is born, the word is spread through the family. We now usually have around 80 or so Boer Goats in our herd. Hopefully those of you who have Boer Goats now are enjoying them as much as we are, and those of you just getting started, I think you'll love them.
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Triple Holler Boer Goats

Lisa Pfeiffer
Windsor, KY 42565

606-271-9180  - Lisa's Cell

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